Voodoo on the BQE

8/26/09 | |

Let me put you in the setting: 8:58am on the way to the BQE from the LIE. You know that tunnel like strip next to the cemetary? So that is where I was, in a shit-ton of traffic, when I decide to change lanes. The SUV taxi in the lane next speeds up because he doesn't want to let me in, of course. The rest happens in quick succession: I give him the finger, he gives me the finger. I tell him to go fuck himself. He pulls out a wooden snake from his car and shakes it at me. Are you kidding me?! Yes- THAT HAPPENED. I yell, "oooh wow, fucking voodoo huh?" to which he gets furious. I proceed say, "yeah? really?" and without thinking open up the bag of cactus potting soil on the passenger seat next to me. Why was it there you ask? I put Fred (my baby cactus at work) into his new pot yesterday, so the bag is still in my car. I shove my hand into the bag, surrounding cars beeping all the while, and pull out of fistful of dirt. I throw it at his car, open windows and all. More cursing and fingers ensue for a second longer, and then we drive off.

I don't know about that guy, but it kind of made my day.