Spa Castle!

8/24/09 | |

sauna valley!
This is where the naked ladies hung out.
bade pool! I still don't know what bade means.

It's a magical place, and it's in Whitestone, Queens! My friend Lisa and I were very excited to go to this place since we've been looking at pictures of it online for so long now (and hearing wonder tales from our friends). I couldn't quite picture what it would actually be like, however. What it was like was an awesome cult from the future, complete with sherbet-colored uniforms and a buffet. Needless to say the place was awesome. The bade pools massaged all parts of your body with the touch of a button, and the saunas were themed by color/temperature and gem types?! There were a lot of crystals and gems...and people lying on the ground...and naked women...My favorite feature is not having to carry anything with you ever. You have these fake watch things that control everything (lockers). You even pay for all your food with them, which made me feel like I was in college again with my meal card.

anwyay, Spa Castle rocks my socks.


Lisa said...

Perfect description! I was thinking about the "bade" thing too. Perhaps they mean wade? :)

Veronica said...

Haha! You know I think you might be right...