Lovely Love Murals in Philly

12/18/09 | |

I would go there and drive around just to see them all. They are super excellent! Typographic wet dream.

See them all here.


12/8/09 | |

Best Use of Exploitative Tactics from Curtis Baigent on Vimeo.

Broken links

12/2/09 | |

Why is it that all my images keep coming up as broken links? I will try to fix it as soon as I have enough energy. In the meantime, sorry to all three of you out there that read my blog.

Some awesome guy in Norway

12/1/09 | |

I went to site and I don't really understand, but the illustrations are beautiful, so I'm satisfied enough. His name is Bendik Kaltenborn, and that's about all I know.

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/25/09 | |

In case you were wondering, a baby turkey is called a Poult.

They're kind of cute, and you can buy one online for $9.95. A caveat though (and I have had baby chicks as pets)- they shit EVERYWHERE. Literally. And they cheep all day long. Cute for about 2 minutes maybe, but no more.

I guess I'd rather eat them. Happy Thanksgiving!

No hitter

11/17/09 | |

What if Jim Datz and Jessica Hische mated?

11/16/09 | |

Jim Datz


= ?

Would they have a super child? An amazing illustrator that took over the world? They're both pretty good looking, so the kid would probably be good looking too...surely an unstoppable force.

Our new baby friend

11/13/09 | |

It's Friday the 13th. I know this because I've had pretty crappy day thus far, and I knew it had to be something. Walking on my lunch break though, I happened to come across this wooden statue someone left next to the trash on Court Street. What does it mean? Where did it come from? With no hesitations I carried this baby back to the office- all 15 pounds of him. Now he's our new mascot!

Being Friday the 13th and all though, I'm sure we'll find out he's actually some possessed artifact that will curse us all...

More FWY

11/11/09 | |

Tickle Party - Zune Originals Santogold from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

I wish Friends With You were friends with me!!!!!! We'd have tickle parties all the time!

A sky full of Malfis!

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If only I could have been there with all the magic Malfis...

Magic Wand-Remote

11/10/09 | |

The world just keeps getting better and better. A universal remote you can kill your enemies with? Uhhh...change the channel with. Note: Mental Christmas wish list is starting to take shape, like a memory in a pensieve...

Sesame Street turned 40!

11/4/09 | |

Hot damn. Remember the Sesame Street movie where the gang is trapped at the Met because Big Bird is looking for Snuffy like a fool, and ends up saving the soul of that Ancient Egyptian kid whose heart gets weighed against a feather by Osiris? Craziness. Elmo sucks. Snuffy rules. Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

A Year of Stormtroopers

10/16/09 | |

I love those little guys! They are having the time of their lives.

A new pic of stormtroopers everyday of the year, starting April 3rd, 2009. Shit. Doesn't that make you feel so unaccomplished?

Stormtroopers 365 on Flickr

Capybaras are weird.

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I am grossed out and melting from the cuteness of them in equal measure. The thing is that they're rodents, and I keep thinking they are these giant mutant sewer rats (sans martial arts skillz), but put a hat on them and BAM! So cute. And gross. And cute.

Holy moly it's a roly poly!

10/12/09 | |

My favorite part is when she's "checking the limbs" aka making him jazzercize.

Take me there

10/6/09 | |

I guess I can die happy...or I can once someone gets me down to Florida to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Think about how fun it could be! You can buy me a wand, I'll buy you a butterbeer. We'll get wands at Ollivander's, ride hippogriffs and end the day at the Great Hall eating mad food and getting piss drunk. Please! Someone take me in 2010. I'll share my chocolate frogs with you.

Monster cereal

10/5/09 | |

My life is nearly complete. What did I chance upon this weekend at Target? The ghosts from my cereal past- Boo Berry and Frankenberry (!!!). Wowzers!!! I hadn't had them since I was little, and even then it was only a couple of times. I was so pumped, and I have to say I was not disappointed this morning. Jesus christ. I could eat it all day. They taste pretty much exactly the same, except Bo Berry is slightly better. I don't know why.

Amazing + the packaging design is pretty dope for cereal boxes.

Maru, redux

9/30/09 | |

I have fallen in love with you all over again Maru. What fun adventures we would have! I would build you a cardboard empire. Meanwhile, I tried to get my cats to jump through a box 2 nights ago and they simply refused.

Drop cappin'

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A test, and tribute to Ms. Jessica Hische, my type hero.


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Saw my friends play last night at Union Hall. They were amazing. How can you turn reggaeton into this beautiful experimental mess that makes all the white kids dance? Amazing. Luke was a genius as usual, and Dana left me in complete awe of his drumming skillz. Shame on me for not wanting to go out, again.

Aaron Meshon rules the school

9/22/09 | |

and my heart. 3 words- Faces on food. Sigh...

Not a grasshopper

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Having been born and raised in Queens, I had no idea what this was. It walked into our office yesterday and stood in the doorway, staring at me. I found out it was a Praying Mantis, after Mary picked it up and gave it a tour of the office at which point I became less afraid...until it flew onto my body.

I like it anyway. It must have come from the Gowanus, with immeasurable powers I cannot comprehend with my human brain. At least I think it must have been good luck.

Photos from 423 Smith.

Beautiful Birds

9/18/09 | |

$20 prints, and you learn their calls. Rad-ass.

Racoon in Greenpoint, Mario Bros. 3

9/12/09 | |

*this is not the raccoon, I found this online, but it looked just like this.

Thursday evening (Fashion's Night Out to be exact), I was getting in my car off of Greenpoint Ave., when I see an animal turn the corner. I stopped to see (in case it was a cat), when lo and behold- it was a fucking raccoon! Nature's tiny robbers. I love them. They are so round and big and yet their feet are so tiny. Robbers.

I must have been thinking about it in the back of my mind all the way home, because I had a hankering to play Super Mario Bros. 3 as soon as I got in the door. Hello, RACCOON SUIT! You breathe real fast when you're on the map screen and then when you press down in a stage, you become a statue of a weird man holding a death stick.

Whilst playing, I was reminded in level 4, a.k.a "Giant World" of this stupid detail. Why is it that when you break one of the huge bricks, they just turn into 4 normal sized bricks? Why? It doesn't make sense! Shouldn't the crumbles just get bigger? I hadn't thought about this in a while, but there it is. I'm still annoyed by that. It's not like they didn't have the technology to make big crumbley graphics! Stupid raccoon.

P.s. I like when Mario is in the boot.

Rock and Roll

9/3/09 | |

Some useful phrases today

9/2/09 | |

I, please do not try to find the following people were killed or drowsiness.

I love hip Mattoshohho power.

Receive nightly live Beronikapisano.

It's a translation party, and you're invited!


9/1/09 | |

Yeah! Thanks Matt.

Photography I will never buy

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I don't really buy photography or hang it up, apart from the self-indulgent baby photos of myself/ photos of my family/etc. I don't know- there's something about other people's photos, even if they are artists. Could you look at them everyday and not get sick of them? I like these, but I'm not buying them anytime soon.

Beautiful things to buy

8/28/09 | |