Beautiful things to buy

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The story of America

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I like this story. It makes me feel connected, and happy that I was raised in Queens.

Lonely Veronica

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This is awesome in so many ways...

Voodoo on the BQE

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Let me put you in the setting: 8:58am on the way to the BQE from the LIE. You know that tunnel like strip next to the cemetary? So that is where I was, in a shit-ton of traffic, when I decide to change lanes. The SUV taxi in the lane next speeds up because he doesn't want to let me in, of course. The rest happens in quick succession: I give him the finger, he gives me the finger. I tell him to go fuck himself. He pulls out a wooden snake from his car and shakes it at me. Are you kidding me?! Yes- THAT HAPPENED. I yell, "oooh wow, fucking voodoo huh?" to which he gets furious. I proceed say, "yeah? really?" and without thinking open up the bag of cactus potting soil on the passenger seat next to me. Why was it there you ask? I put Fred (my baby cactus at work) into his new pot yesterday, so the bag is still in my car. I shove my hand into the bag, surrounding cars beeping all the while, and pull out of fistful of dirt. I throw it at his car, open windows and all. More cursing and fingers ensue for a second longer, and then we drive off.

I don't know about that guy, but it kind of made my day.

Baby bad-ass

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My hero.

Spa Castle!

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sauna valley!
This is where the naked ladies hung out.
bade pool! I still don't know what bade means.

It's a magical place, and it's in Whitestone, Queens! My friend Lisa and I were very excited to go to this place since we've been looking at pictures of it online for so long now (and hearing wonder tales from our friends). I couldn't quite picture what it would actually be like, however. What it was like was an awesome cult from the future, complete with sherbet-colored uniforms and a buffet. Needless to say the place was awesome. The bade pools massaged all parts of your body with the touch of a button, and the saunas were themed by color/temperature and gem types?! There were a lot of crystals and gems...and people lying on the ground...and naked women...My favorite feature is not having to carry anything with you ever. You have these fake watch things that control everything (lockers). You even pay for all your food with them, which made me feel like I was in college again with my meal card.

anwyay, Spa Castle rocks my socks.

From NY to the Bay yo.

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N.A.S.A. with special guests (monsters, aliens and hot chicks). I went to see N.A.S.A. last night at the Bowery Ballroom - a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Fat Lip from Pharcyde was there and my little 11 year old girl dreams came true when he sang "Passin' Me By". The night was basically a dancing frenzy, culminating in the crowd storming the stage to dance their asses off. What else can I say? That shit was dope.

Little piece of heaven

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I would like to see this scene next to one of my cats, or maybe just a baby tray of food sitting atop their fuzzy heads...

"I had so many problems, and then I got me a Walkman."

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I guess Frank Black had the right idea. I went on Craiglist and found an ad for an old Walkman ($10). I grabbed my friend Diana, in case the guy turned out to be a psycho killer, and headed over to the corner of 82nd and Roosevelt in Jackson Heights. She was like, "Yeah this would be a great place to kidnap someone with like 1,000 eyewitnesses, dumbass." And I was like, "Um, yeah it would be a good place to kidnap someone, because there would be so much commotion no one would know what the hell was going on." Anyway, Mr. Ronald McDonald hair/Jamaica t-shirt rolls up and hands over this Walkman, complete with pristine earbuds and a new pack of batteries. He assured me that it was in working condition, and when I checked it at home with my 6th-grade cassette single ("Bump-N-Grind" by R. Kelly) I knew it was perfect.

Everything is better with lightning bolts, I guess.

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Marc Johns, I like your brain.

odosketch your heart out!

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A Flash application that allows you to draw in lovely desaturated colors with a textured pen. I drew this of me and Michael flying in babyland. See it animate here.

Whaaaat? Say word. Make your own and send it to me!

My new art fake-boyfriend

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Harry Potter + Graphic Design + Silk screening = My dreams.

Nicholas Saunders rocks my socks...

New phone!

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No, it's not an iphone. It's the LG EnV Touch and it's better than my old phone so far. My favorite thing about getting the phone this weekend is that I learned what a QWERTY keypad is, because that is that best word ever.

pros: Touch screen is easy to use and the qwerty keypad is awesome. Big screen and the camera is 3.2 megapixels. You can film things and listen to music/internet/gps/whatever.

con: It's not an iphone.