A Year of Stormtroopers

10/16/09 | |

I love those little guys! They are having the time of their lives.

A new pic of stormtroopers everyday of the year, starting April 3rd, 2009. Shit. Doesn't that make you feel so unaccomplished?

Stormtroopers 365 on Flickr

Capybaras are weird.

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I am grossed out and melting from the cuteness of them in equal measure. The thing is that they're rodents, and I keep thinking they are these giant mutant sewer rats (sans martial arts skillz), but put a hat on them and BAM! So cute. And gross. And cute.

Holy moly it's a roly poly!

10/12/09 | |

My favorite part is when she's "checking the limbs" aka making him jazzercize.

Take me there

10/6/09 | |

I guess I can die happy...or I can once someone gets me down to Florida to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Think about how fun it could be! You can buy me a wand, I'll buy you a butterbeer. We'll get wands at Ollivander's, ride hippogriffs and end the day at the Great Hall eating mad food and getting piss drunk. Please! Someone take me in 2010. I'll share my chocolate frogs with you.

Monster cereal

10/5/09 | |

My life is nearly complete. What did I chance upon this weekend at Target? The ghosts from my cereal past- Boo Berry and Frankenberry (!!!). Wowzers!!! I hadn't had them since I was little, and even then it was only a couple of times. I was so pumped, and I have to say I was not disappointed this morning. Jesus christ. I could eat it all day. They taste pretty much exactly the same, except Bo Berry is slightly better. I don't know why.

Amazing + the packaging design is pretty dope for cereal boxes.