Cutie Heads

7/31/09 | |

My husband is freakin' amazing. For my birthday he made me these little baby heads for my desk at work- representations of us. He got me, down to the hair flip and pearl earrings.

Best present ever.


7/30/09 | |

My mom made me these pancakes this morning! Mmm...celebrating is so tasty...

Birthday time!

7/29/09 | |

Well it's tomorrow, but really it's all week for me. This is actually an animated gif, but I thought prolonged exposure might induce seizures. Thanks Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's magic.

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More naked Obama with a unicorn paintings, please.

Anonymous cards!

7/23/09 | |

The Effing Card company will handwrite your card and put it in the mailbox for you, if you'd like to be super creepy/romantic, but only for people in the UK. Why do they get everything??? Anyway, I like the type.

Richard Perez is pretty cool.

7/22/09 | |


7/20/09 | |

Yes! These doormats have crawled into my heart. Hopefully my husband and I will buy our first apartment soon, and then we can celebrate with some bitchy-comment-doormat...