Hide your farts

4/29/09 | |

How many times have you been sitting there wishing you could hide your office farts? Now you can with these pants, sold somewhere out there in the store of my dreams.

Barbabeau, you still fail art school.

4/28/09 | |

Barbapapas toujours!

Now prepare to see the best thing ever

4/23/09 | |

And now... at last - Sonya!!!!(slow loris) from Dmitry Sergeyev on Vimeo.

To quote Erin Krass, "My heart and brain simmultaneously exploded."

xtra pulp

4/21/09 | |

I am happy to say that xtra pulp has arrived! It's a royalty-free vector art site where I have some collections for sale. Check 'em out, love 'em, buy 'em...or just check them out anyway.


4/20/09 | |

I know, I know. Everyone got over cats like forever ago, blah blah blah. That aside, and though my cat websession has waned too, one fact remains: I still love Goliath! Look at those jowls. Look at that face. Look at those eyes. What a gentle giant! What a beautiful beast!

In case you doubted my dorkiness before...

4/15/09 | |

So, I like to listen to Harry Potter books at work.  Yes I've read all of the books 5 times already, but I still love to listen to them (especially if it's rainy out). Jim Dale reads them all and does all the voice acting for every character. He's truly amazing. Here are some clips from each book, and if you don't get into this, you're wack-ass.

Hi-tech, low-tech

4/14/09 | |

Another brilliant idea that I didn't think of, but love just the same. How cool is this? You can write whatever, and not just "boobless" or "hell" like you can on a calculator. Check 'em out at Yellow Owl Workshop.

Doodle No. 1

4/13/09 | |

If I had a nickle for every time ice cream flew into my mouth...

Happy Passover!

4/8/09 | |

Tonight I am lucky enough to be going to a seder, as I usually do, at the home of some beloved friends. There will be a feast of yummies, including the ever-puzzling gefilte fish. I still don't really know what it is made of (and I certainly don't take extra jelly), but I like it. I really like it. In my mind I imagine a school of gefilte fish swimming around in its ambiguously-shaped, potato-colored  glory.

Happy Passover everyone!

Renegade Crafts Fair

4/7/09 | |

My friend Matt and I made it in as vendors to the Renegade Crafts Fair this year at McCarren Park. We're super excited! I'll post more pictures of our crafts as they come. As of now it's going to be a lot of silkscreened goodies as well as cuffs, paintings and embroidered stuff. More news to come.


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You wish you could move like that. Um, I wish I could move like that.