I still love you, my sad little bear...

2/23/10 | |

Rilakumma! Today you have pulled at my heart strings all over again when I remembered your dead eyes and your sad little face. I already have this:

But I would rather have this:

Or this, which I can only assume is some delicious treat.

Russian Sex Bomb

2/22/10 | |

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics...

Si tu quieres pedir...

2/18/10 | |

I used to dance to this when I was little. 20 years later and I still don't understand half of what this guy is saying...

Crazy Pants

2/16/10 | |

Typographic wet dreams

2/12/10 | |

<3 Jon Contino Yes yes yes!

"It's always Fugees and Funions."

2/4/10 | |

And then you make their voice like...like a monster voice, to disguise who they is.

Tom Selleck and a sandwich, please.

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Best blog ever.

Because it's been awhile...

2/3/10 | |

Beautiful prints

2/1/10 | |

Photographer's Dilemma

Woolly Bear

Residential Web