Maru, redux

9/30/09 | |

I have fallen in love with you all over again Maru. What fun adventures we would have! I would build you a cardboard empire. Meanwhile, I tried to get my cats to jump through a box 2 nights ago and they simply refused.

Drop cappin'

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A test, and tribute to Ms. Jessica Hische, my type hero.


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Saw my friends play last night at Union Hall. They were amazing. How can you turn reggaeton into this beautiful experimental mess that makes all the white kids dance? Amazing. Luke was a genius as usual, and Dana left me in complete awe of his drumming skillz. Shame on me for not wanting to go out, again.

Aaron Meshon rules the school

9/22/09 | |

and my heart. 3 words- Faces on food. Sigh...

Not a grasshopper

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Having been born and raised in Queens, I had no idea what this was. It walked into our office yesterday and stood in the doorway, staring at me. I found out it was a Praying Mantis, after Mary picked it up and gave it a tour of the office at which point I became less afraid...until it flew onto my body.

I like it anyway. It must have come from the Gowanus, with immeasurable powers I cannot comprehend with my human brain. At least I think it must have been good luck.

Photos from 423 Smith.

Beautiful Birds

9/18/09 | |

$20 prints, and you learn their calls. Rad-ass.

Racoon in Greenpoint, Mario Bros. 3

9/12/09 | |

*this is not the raccoon, I found this online, but it looked just like this.

Thursday evening (Fashion's Night Out to be exact), I was getting in my car off of Greenpoint Ave., when I see an animal turn the corner. I stopped to see (in case it was a cat), when lo and behold- it was a fucking raccoon! Nature's tiny robbers. I love them. They are so round and big and yet their feet are so tiny. Robbers.

I must have been thinking about it in the back of my mind all the way home, because I had a hankering to play Super Mario Bros. 3 as soon as I got in the door. Hello, RACCOON SUIT! You breathe real fast when you're on the map screen and then when you press down in a stage, you become a statue of a weird man holding a death stick.

Whilst playing, I was reminded in level 4, a.k.a "Giant World" of this stupid detail. Why is it that when you break one of the huge bricks, they just turn into 4 normal sized bricks? Why? It doesn't make sense! Shouldn't the crumbles just get bigger? I hadn't thought about this in a while, but there it is. I'm still annoyed by that. It's not like they didn't have the technology to make big crumbley graphics! Stupid raccoon.

P.s. I like when Mario is in the boot.

Rock and Roll

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Some useful phrases today

9/2/09 | |

I, please do not try to find the following people were killed or drowsiness.

I love hip Mattoshohho power.

Receive nightly live Beronikapisano.

It's a translation party, and you're invited!


9/1/09 | |

Yeah! Thanks Matt.

Photography I will never buy

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I don't really buy photography or hang it up, apart from the self-indulgent baby photos of myself/ photos of my family/etc. I don't know- there's something about other people's photos, even if they are artists. Could you look at them everyday and not get sick of them? I like these, but I'm not buying them anytime soon.