Racoon in Greenpoint, Mario Bros. 3

9/12/09 | |

*this is not the raccoon, I found this online, but it looked just like this.

Thursday evening (Fashion's Night Out to be exact), I was getting in my car off of Greenpoint Ave., when I see an animal turn the corner. I stopped to see (in case it was a cat), when lo and behold- it was a fucking raccoon! Nature's tiny robbers. I love them. They are so round and big and yet their feet are so tiny. Robbers.

I must have been thinking about it in the back of my mind all the way home, because I had a hankering to play Super Mario Bros. 3 as soon as I got in the door. Hello, RACCOON SUIT! You breathe real fast when you're on the map screen and then when you press down in a stage, you become a statue of a weird man holding a death stick.

Whilst playing, I was reminded in level 4, a.k.a "Giant World" of this stupid detail. Why is it that when you break one of the huge bricks, they just turn into 4 normal sized bricks? Why? It doesn't make sense! Shouldn't the crumbles just get bigger? I hadn't thought about this in a while, but there it is. I'm still annoyed by that. It's not like they didn't have the technology to make big crumbley graphics! Stupid raccoon.

P.s. I like when Mario is in the boot.