Pocket piggies!

4/26/10 | |

Once you get past the stupid ass song, your heart will explode for these babies.

Remembering old Happy Meal toys makes you realize you were a fat kid.

4/1/10 | |

And in case you want to buy some, there are some available here.

Coralie Bickford-Smith

3/30/10 | |

Holy crap lady, I'm completely speechless.

Slow clap...to... tumultuous applause! It almost makes me want to stop reading crappy vampire sex novels and start reading some real literature.

I like Lady Gaga. Fuck you.

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So this chick uses 4 iPhones to recreate Poker Face by Lady Gaga. AND she auto tunes her voice, T Pain style, which everyone is a fan of.

Yes, you thought this blog was dead, and it pretty much is. Today I did come across something pretty amazing though that combined multiple things I like- Lady Gaga, cool Japanese nails and a cat. The only thing that was missing really was some ice cream.

p.s. That cat was crazy weird looking.

p.p.s. How come she has 4 iPhones anyway?

Jim Tierney has a baby face

3/8/10 | |

Jules Verne cover designs by Jim Tierney from Jim Tierney on Vimeo.

Jim Tierney is a genius. I like how his posters/book covers/illustrations look like something out of a fairy tale, but the kind you'd actually want to read and not just puke through. He's a little bit of a cutie too...

I love a happy good exciting time

3/3/10 | |

Because it's been too damn long.


At first I didn't understand

3/1/10 | |

But now I can't stop playing with it! Thanks Jacob, wherever you are out there.

You make patterns of sound...songs some might call them. Tone matrix! It's supposed to be like a Tenori-on.

PLAY here!

I still love you, my sad little bear...

2/23/10 | |

Rilakumma! Today you have pulled at my heart strings all over again when I remembered your dead eyes and your sad little face. I already have this:

But I would rather have this:

Or this, which I can only assume is some delicious treat.

Russian Sex Bomb

2/22/10 | |

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics...

Si tu quieres pedir...

2/18/10 | |

I used to dance to this when I was little. 20 years later and I still don't understand half of what this guy is saying...

Crazy Pants

2/16/10 | |

Typographic wet dreams

2/12/10 | |

<3 Jon Contino Yes yes yes!

"It's always Fugees and Funions."

2/4/10 | |

And then you make their voice like...like a monster voice, to disguise who they is.

Tom Selleck and a sandwich, please.

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Best blog ever.

Because it's been awhile...

2/3/10 | |

Beautiful prints

2/1/10 | |

Photographer's Dilemma

Woolly Bear

Residential Web

Is this the biggest fucking cat you've ever seen?

1/30/10 | |

I didn't know of there was sound to this video, because I was listening to "I Was Made For Lovin' You" by Kiss while watching it. Uh, perfect.


1/29/10 | |

Nice nice nice!

1. Beige ruffled crochet collar bib necklace
2. Gold Bow Necklace
3. Necklush
4. Sphere No.5
5. Moonshine-Vintage Bullet and Quartz Trio Assemblage Necklace

You wasted all the goddamned paper.

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My whole life I thought fake nails- freakin' tacky.

Make the nails tackier than tacky and shit, I want 'em.

I saw all these girls wearing crazy fake 3D art nails in Japan last May, and I got a mini version of it. They were amazing until they grew even longer and I stopped being able to use my hands. The Japanese are crazy obsessed with these things. Seriously. The favorite varieties are doughnut decorations, pearl, bows and lace. We met some chicks in a bar in Roppogi and talked to them for several hours. It was really, really hard and took several tries with digital and paper dictionaries. One of the first questions I got was, "Did you get your nails done yet?" Crazy.


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Rethink Scholarship at Langara 2010 Call for Entries from Rory O'Sullivan and Simon Bruyn on Vimeo.

Yeah yeah yeah!

Tiny tiny DS

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The tiniest little baby DS you've ever seeeeen! This is exactly what my DS looks like, but you know, real. This guy even made a tiny Nintendogs cartridge that slides into and the whole thing hinges open and closed with a toothpick. Amazing!

p.s. This paper guy is really intense, huh?
p.p.s. Nintendogs sucks.

More Sonya

1/22/10 | |

Sonya(slow loris) from Dmitry Sergeyev on Vimeo.

Remember Sonya the slow loris? Here is what I learned:

I heard that they raise their arms like that, not for tickles, but as a defense mechanism. They secrete poison out of their elbows and then bring them up by their mouths. When they're going to attack, they lick their elbows and bite you. Wha??? I thought they just liked tickles. How sad. They also freak out when you keep them as pets, cause they need to be up high, swinging in trees. They could really quietly be freaking out and you wouldn't know.

Last night I had a dream that a slow loris kept following me everywhere- couch, ocean, restaurant- even between dreams, and now I can't stop thinking of its little face...