More Sonya

1/22/10 | |

Sonya(slow loris) from Dmitry Sergeyev on Vimeo.

Remember Sonya the slow loris? Here is what I learned:

I heard that they raise their arms like that, not for tickles, but as a defense mechanism. They secrete poison out of their elbows and then bring them up by their mouths. When they're going to attack, they lick their elbows and bite you. Wha??? I thought they just liked tickles. How sad. They also freak out when you keep them as pets, cause they need to be up high, swinging in trees. They could really quietly be freaking out and you wouldn't know.

Last night I had a dream that a slow loris kept following me everywhere- couch, ocean, restaurant- even between dreams, and now I can't stop thinking of its little face...


Erin said...

Hey thanks captain bummer.